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People First Automation

When we discuss automation, there seems to be this image of the robots storming the factory, replacing all the workers, and massive job losses. From our experience, this misses the bigger picture.

Automation should be employed to empower the people that make your business so incredible, not replace them. Through focusing on the highest touch and high return outputs of your team you can distill what is core to your team and what is the fluff that can be passed off to software. We call this People First Automation. We dissect your team’s roles and responsibilities to understand not how we can replace them but instead improve their quality and quantity of output.

Roles / Responsibilities / Opportunities

The above is a small example of breaking down a role to get concrete on the responsibilities and where the position is bringing the highest value. When we use this exercise with our customers, we take it one step further to understand the actions taken to meet those responsibilities. You can try this simple version of the activity in your business today.

Instead of considering automating the role entirely, you are looking at automating the responsibility or action and modifying the employee’s charter to focus on where they return the most value. Sales reps are more effective at closing a deal, but a computer has no issue scraping the internet for leads and reaching out to start warming up leads. We want to discover the wins like that throughout your business.

You don’t have to automate every low return duty but knowing what obligations you expect from your team gives you a framework to understand the opportunities you have in your business. When a company has clear responsibility breakdowns we can abstract and automate the elements that take away valuable time from your team.

Automation needs to fit your business’s needs and goals. Where do you want to improve? Where are you being pressured by competition? Where do you see your most significant opportunity? Innovating how you operate is an effective method for strengthening your business’s success in the future. Cost-cutting strategies are a short term game where you may improve near term financial performance but at the sacrifice of long term potential. On the other hand, efficiency gains equip your existing team with the tools and tactics to grow aggressively. Revved works alongside leadership who is aligned in this growth forward approach.

If you are looking to streamline your operations, improve business throughput, and supply your team with the room to grow, we would love to connect!

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